Part 1:
In a little white room you see a little piece of writing. You are not sure if you want to read it or not. You ask yourself if the artist wants you to read it or not, if the artist is pretentious and wants to make you feel stupid; will you read the text and feel dumb because the
artist has decided to use archaic language? Curiosity gets the best of you and all your fearful thoughts vanish. The writing is tiny and worry you might hit the wall.
“Happy is up. Sad is down.”
That’s all it has to say, and it will ring in your mind for the rest of the day because you don’t
understand if you should leave it as it is or read more into it.
I don’t get it.
Part 2:
Well it might have become time to consider myself a writer too. I keep little books with little words that have never been exposed, maybe by the occasional one or two people that I trusted, but other than that some writings have been kept a secret. I recently exposed one of these writings, a writing about nationality that belonged to me, but at the same time this piece of writing made me feel like it belonged to more than just myself. It is important and people should know. It empowered me and I have found that, for my brief existence on this world, my writing has been something I have been very close to, it briefly saved a relationship that didn’t belong to me, it made a powerful speech, it brought back friendship and created lovers that have now gone. The word letter enthusiasm me. It has two meanings and both are empowering with a single letter you can do so much. This is why I plan to become an artist that does not paint or sculpt. It is a decision I have taken and from the many essays I have been reading recently this is significant. There is a purpose. Even when it comes to minor choices or accidental they have an impact on the end product, and this is why I choose to become an artist, because it is a choice, a decision and this will therefore impact my practice as much as it could potentially make a difference within the world. I know this might sound ambitious and I should probably specify which world, but I hate putting things in boxes. My choice can impact the science world if it wants to and if the science world will want it. My dear viewer, you are allowed to think, and as much as this might seem like an agonizing place to be; think more.
You’ll soon understand
Part 3:
Brief explanation of one’s practice:
*In this practice the artist rarely talks about their own work - explaining will ruin the work
*In this practice the viewer in the central concern, the dear viewer will explain the work
*In this practice reading is an essential, one cannot make art without culture
thank you for collaborating
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